Mindset Monday: Snapshots

Mindset Monday: Snapshots


Life is full of peaks and valleys. These peaks and valleys present choices that we have the opportunity to respond to. We call these events “snapshots”. Snapshots are moments of truth that challenge our character and our discipline. Snapshots occur on the field, off the field, at home, in school, and at work.

Here’s how it works: Take any event in life, press pause, and take an imaginary picture (or snapshot) of yourself in this situation. An “above the line” response to a snapshot would be responding with discipline, purpose, and intention. A “below the line response” would be responding with impulse, resistance, or on auto pilot. Disciplined and intentional behavior leads to more favorable outcomes. Being comfortable being uncomfortable leads to growth!

Here are a few snapshots that we commonly see in lacrosse.

  1. Ground Ball Snapshot: Will you take contact and run through the ground ball, or will you shy away from contact and slow down?
  2. Scoring/Dodging Snapshot: Will you turn the corner and potentially take a hit, or will you run away from ball pressure?
  3. Defensive Snapshot: Will you dictate the path of the ball carrier, or will you wait for him to dictate your path?
  4. Goalie Snapshot: Will you blame your defenders for a goal, or will you instill belief in your defensemen?
  5. Face-off Snapshot: Will you complain about your opponent cheating on a draw, or will you have the confidence to win regardless?

Who will you be in that defining moment?