Fueling the Machine

Mindset Monday: Fueling the Machine

Mindset Monday: Fueling the Machine

Systems need energy! The most effective and efficient systems reach maximum capacity and beyond with mass quantities of energy. Energy fuels these systems to help them create and sustain momentum. However, all systems expend energy to operate. The entropy of an object or system is the amount of energy which is unavailable to do work or the measure of disorder in its system. When energy isn’t replenished or available, systems begin to malfunction, or in some cases, fail entirely. 

Think of your team or organization as a similar system. The goal of any team or organization should be to operate at maximum capacity. In order to achieve this, your system needs constant and consistent positive energy to operate. The peaks and valleys of a game, season, business, or sales cycle can foster energy production, or rapidly deplete it. How do we replenish energy? How do we generate and maintain momentum? Here’s what we think: 

Manufacturing Energy: The first step is manufacturing the energy. Great leadership fosters energy production! The more leaders buy into and exemplify the core values of the team or organization, the more energy is produced and the more it is transferred. Leaders manufacture and transmit energy through their actions and attitude. 

Energy is a choice: We can either fuel the machine with energy or deplete it with negativity. The more we choose to lead with energy, the more energy is produced. This choice can be the difference between an average system, and a great one!

Connection: The connection between what composes each system (in our case, the people), is largely responsible for the transfer of energy. If energy only exists within isolated parts of the system, the system will never reach maximum capacity. The stronger the connections, the stronger the system!

Let’s CHOOSE to bring more energy in everything we do!

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